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How to Start Freelancing & Get Profitable Clients?

How to Start Freelancing Get Profitable Clients?

I’ve got an immense response from you guys within the last month. So it boosted me up to write this guide for how to get Start Freelancing & Get Profitable Clients

First of all, I want to clear that we will not be using old school methods like Fiverr, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, etc. These platforms have been crowded by Indians, Pakistanis & Bangladeshi who are ready to work in pennies.

CodeWithGeeks is mainly made for geeks and skilled developers. so I will be writing this post keeping them in my consideration. But creativity has no limit so you can learn from this guide & modify it according to your skill.


  1. Being an SEO guy I always prefer to do most of the things on google. So first of all go to google & search for any keyword. To get more specific & highly targeted client search for something like this “best dentist in Delhi”
  2. Replace city name with any city you want, in case if you want clients from a specific location. Replace a dentist with any profession you like, for example, if a person is good at making restaurant sites just replace it with a restaurant.
  3. I always recommend going with local business sites because they easily get converted. For example dentist, restaurant, salon, mobile shop, local store, etc.
  4. The goal behind targeting local business sites: they don’t have a digital team because they work locally & don’t give too much attention to the online potential.
  5. Just look for bugs, improvement, structure, etc. on their site & open your notepad.
  6. Note down all the points you have noticed that can be improved. Honestly speaking If you have got enough time trying to make a video of yourself explaining to them what things are missing in their site & should be improved. When you make a video it looks more promising to your client & they get more hungry to buy your service (my experience)
  7. Look for the contact form or email address on their site & send them all the details you have prepared.
  8. Please make sure there are no grammatical mistakes & always try to use professional words.
  9. One more thing you should remember that never just copy & paste the same thing to different clients. This point is for those lazy guys who just want everything as soon as they send their message. Always take your time & write manually after analyzing the whole site.
  10. When you get a response back from them just schedule a meeting on call, skype, WhatsApp, etc.
  11. Local businesses only care about profit. Your aim is to show the brighter side of your service (how it can help them in their business)

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Extra Bonus Tips For Start Freelancing & Get Profitable Clients :

  1. Use Grammarly if your grammar is weak. It’s a good way to impress them as you already know in India English means highly educated person.
  2. Always split the test with your contact message. For example, try to analyze which kind of email format brings you the most clients. This is something I always look for & my client care about.
  3. If you don’t have a strong portfolio try to work for free but with a twist. For example, if you get a client just tell them you will work for free but they will have to refer someone if your work is good. In this way, the word of mouth works like a crazy racing car. Even If I have a paying client but they can refer other 5 clients I am happy to give 100% of discount on my service.
  4. You have completed your work? now what? In this condition, I always try to upsell my client by outsourcing other services from cheap platforms like Fiverr. For example, if their logo is not good just get them a logo for $20 but on Fiverr, you will get the same service for just $5 (We made a profit of $15, this is business 😝)
  5. Here is the pro tool you can always use. Contact form submitter from GSA website. This software will crawl the sites on google as per your given keyword & send them to message automatically. If you own an RDP it would be great to automate everything on autopilot.

Final Words:

As I said creativity has no limit so you can always twist this method according to your skill. If you have any questions please write them down.

Vaibhav Kapoor

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