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CodeWithGeeks Events GSOC

Introduction To Development & Open Source

Speaker : Sayan Nath

GSOC’21 @ Tensorflow, Contributor @, ML Engineer @Blend & Lead at GDSC KIIT 

If you use the Internet, you almost certainly utilize a staggering quantity of open source software. The Internet’s creators created a large portion of it as open source projects, and anybody who uses it now benefits from their efforts. Many individuals reading this may be surprised to learn that open source developers are motivated by compassion and a desire to help others. However, most people work on open source projects because of this inherent desire. For application development, you should choose open source software because it is more secure.

CodeWithGeeks Events Competitive Programming

Competitive Programming

Speaker : Anunbhab Swain

5 Star at CodeChef, Expert at CodeForces & Lead at CodeChef KIIT

Whether you are a high schooler, a university student, or a careered developer, this is the perfect time to start with competitive programming. Yeah, you heard it right! Competitive Programming Roadmap does not have age-barrier or portfolio limitations. Competitive Programming only requires a passionate spirit with some love for coding.

Let’s dig into competitive programming by answering all the Why(s), What(s) & How(s)!

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