C Programming Tutorial


An array is described as the gathering of comparable varieties of information gadgets saved at contiguous reminiscence locations. Arrays are the derived information kind in C programming language, which could store the primitive type of information along with int, char, double, float, etc. It also has the functionality to shop the gathering of derived information types, pointers, shapes, etc. The array is the handiest information shape wherein every information detail may be randomly accessed by its index number.

Arrays in C are helpful when you have to shop for comparable elements. For example, if we need to shop the marks of a scholar in 6 subjects, then we do not want to outline distinct variables for the marks withinside the specific concern. Instead, we can draft an array that may shop the marks on the contiguous reminiscence locations in every situation.

Why do we want Arrays in C Programming?

Consider a situation wherein you want to discover the common of 10 integer numbers entered through the user. In C, you’ve got approaches to do this:
1) Define ten variables with int information kind after which carry out ten scanf() operations to save the entered values withinside the variables after which at ultimate calculate the common of them.
2) Have an unmarried integer array to save all of the values, loop the array to save all entered values, and later calculate the common. Which answer is higher in line with you? The second one answers that. It’s handy to save equal information sorts in a single unmarried variable and later get the right of entry to them using the array index (we can talk about that later in this tutorial).

Types of Array in C

The types of arrays are :
    1) One dimensional array
    2) Multi-dimensional array
In the tutorial below, we will learn more about the detailed types of arrays.

One Dimensional Array

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