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Hi There, we're CodeWithGeeks

A group of college students, backed by a team of experienced coders, the CodeWithGeeks team is passionate about making programming fun and accessible for all.

Our Mission

The coders of today have to hop between websites again and again to find material that they are looking for. When it comes to their doubts, at times they do not even find the solution to it and when they ask the same on some forums, their doubts are left unanswered. Imagine having a website where you can get all the resources you need, articles on updates from the tech world, a forum to clear all your coding doubts, be it as basic as understanding input-output operations to all the complex stuff and to put the cherry on the cake, a caring community of coders who look out for each other always.

About Us

We plan to revolutionize the present coding culture landscape the best way we can. It’s better than spending hours on the Internet or scouring Google for a solution to your problem. At CodeWithGeeks, you can expect quality and helpful responses within 24 hours! Founded in 2020, few passionate college mates decided to create a platform after they were tired of searching for answers on the net and asking the teachers for help again and again. CodeWithGeeks is a community where everyone helps one another to overcome the obstacles in their coding journey.

Our Team

We believe that every problem can be solved, every question answered and every challenge conquered — and we see the same sense of ambition in our team.

Vaibhav Kapoor


Samartha Patnaik

Head Of Content

Shreyas Pujari

Head of Graphics

Wanna Join?

We’re looking for skilled and motivated people like you to join our team. Our organization is growing fast and we could use your help. Send us an email with a copy of your resume at [email protected], and one of our recruiters will be in contact soon.

Until then, take a look around the site and see what we can offer!

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