About Us

We here at </>CodeWithGeeks revolve around our pivot that happens to be tech. related & everything closely or even remotely in touch with it while ensuring that what we do, is in a way so that anyone can gain knowledge of it & make it child’s play for them.

We’re present almost everywhere; yes, you read that right…even on discord !!
Interested in tech ?
Wanna freelance ?
Make bots with AI ?
Thinking of a multi-million dollar start-up ?
You can enquire about any of the above followed by ins & outs of more concepts & they will be answered by an expert in that domain within due time.
We also provide our geeks with the finest & one-off free content in order to inculcate in them the art of learning from infinitesimally nothing.
Discord sessions are held from time to time in order to guide novices in coding, development & so on in order for them to be able to understand the concept in it’s truest form & depth.
Grab your coding hoodies & begin right away !